Meet the maker – an American miniature furniture designer, Kathleen Hancock

I’m super excited to announce my new collaboration with an amazing upholstered furniture maker, Kathleen Hancock. Her beautifully styled miniature furniture and fantastic quality will no doubt complement your art dolls.

So, without further ado let me present, Kathleen Hancock.

kathleenselfiechairs Kathleen’s selfie doll with the Bendt Side Chair in blue corduroy with coral stitched red piping (left) and Harris Swoop Arm Chair (right)

Could you tell us a little more about you and how you came to do this? Do you have background in designing?

I have always been a maker of things. Some of my happiest memories from childhood were all those afternoons spent at the kitchen table occupying myself by building things with construction paper, scissors, paste and tempera paint.

My mom also taught me how to sew and make things with fabric. We were quite the crafting family! I remember sewing together tiny squares of fabric to…

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